Post #2 – Where I’d Like to be in 10 years.

OK so i know i am geting off to a bad start but yesterday was a terrible day, was sick and at work and in no mood to be writting anything. But i will do 2 today and then i will be caught up and ready to go tomorrow.

Post #2 – Where I’d Like to be in 10 Years

This is a funny topic I think. Although I believe it is good to set goals and have something to aim for sometimes it feels a little pointless because that thing has a tendency to change and often.  About a year ago if you would have asked me this question I would have said: living somewhere in rural Alberta/Canada as the wife of an RCMP officer, with maybe 3 or 4 kids. Maybe by that time I would have my own coffee shop/used book store. But that was a year ago and now where I think I am headed or where we are aiming for is so different from that.

In 10 years I see myself probably living in another country, speaking a different language, ministering to the women of the community that we live in. Sweeping a dirt floor?  Making sure my kids are safe? (yes in my 10 year “plan” I still have children) Eating plantains and black beans? Maybe…

I think in 10 year I would like to be playing the piano well enough to play along with Jordan on his guitar. I would like to have a fairly extensive library. I would like to have read all the books in my library. Maybe I will have taken a class to teach English as a second language. Maybe I will be fluent enough to be a translator.

But all these things are just maybe. Because as we walk with God and follow him where he wants to take us he changes the path we think we are on to the path we should be on. I feel as though it is an ever-changing road and if we can lock on to Gods leading as opposed to what we think is the final goal it becomes a lot less scary and a lot easier to roll with the punched and just follow.

I heard someone say one time as a blessing “may you be covered by the dust of your rabbi”. This is ultimately where I want to be in 10 years, covered by the dust of Jesus from following him so close.


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