30 Posts Challenge

We all know how much trouble I have blogging on a regular basis. I don’t understand it really. I am on the computer everyday and I defiantly spend some of that time just surfing around the internet or wandering the pintrest (pintrest.com) world for inspiration. So why I don’t just log on and blog something is beyond me. Any how here I am now with a new strategy. I am starting a 30 day writing challenge. Some will be long others will be short but I am going to write an entry a day (except weekends) either way.

Post 1 – Your current relationship.

My current relationship.

On April 5, 2008 I married my best friend, Jordan Barnes. We have been extremely, sickeningly, ecstatically happily married for 3 years now. Not to say that it hasn’t had its down moments, and defiantly not saying that it has been an easy cake walk but it has been wonderful.

I read something interesting the other day that seems appropriate to share here:

You fall in love by chance not by choice. You stay in love by work not by chance. And no one falls out of love by chance it is by choice.

I don’t think this could be anymore true. Right at this moment I can say that I have a wonderful marriage but I can also say that it has come as a result of everyday work.  Sometimes working at it when I don’t want to and sometimes bearing the consequences of not working at it when I should have been.  I also don’t presume that it will be wonderful from now on, that we will never run into hard times or that at some point we will be able to stop working at it and just coast.  3 years ago when we exchanged rings and said our vows in front of our friends and family we were serious, this is it, for life and in that moment we committed to continue to work at our marriage day in and day out until the day that we die.  It might sound like an aweful lot of work but as someone else said “no said it would be easy, just promised it would be worth it” , and that couldnt be more true.

There it is Post #1 – my current relationship.

See you again tomorrow for Post # 2 – Where you’d like to be in 10 years.



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