It looks gorgeous outside today!

The perfect day for BBQing at house of Barnes with my hubby, eating and chilling on the balcony with our cats and dog.  This is going to be a good evening.  Some of the best times we spend together and the best quality time is out there, even if we are just both reading it is the most comfortable silence in the world. 

A good day for a run I think, I was going to try to run yesterday even if it was going to be in the rain but alas change of plans and no run 😦

It might also be a good day for getting a little dirty. I know it is extremely late to be planting anything but here is the story.  We got back from vacation right at the beginning of the planting season but being that we were on vacation we had no money to buy plants, now it is taking us longer than expected to get back ahead so there is still no money for plants, but I was doing a little spring/summer organizing and found 2 packages of seeds that didn’t get planted last year so I thought “why not try it” they might be too old, or it might be too late to get any flowers from them but it will give me a few seeds and hopefully some tiny plants over the summer to nurture and who knows I managed to keep a tomato plant alive over a whole winter maybe I can manage a few flowers too.

I really do hope that it is still nice by this evening, who k nows if it stays sunny maybe it will even be moderately warm by this evening.

Enjoy the weather today 😉


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