And thus concludes Lent

So it is officially after Easter,  and I just kicked some major lent butt.  I spent 40 days off of Facebook, yes not once during the 40 days did I even open the Facebook homepage.  From logging on at least once a day to nadda. It is funny though because my fingers still remembered where they were so used to going. often when I opened up a new browsing page my hands would start typing www.faceb before I had even really thought about where i was trying to get to online.  Funny how your fingers have a “memory” anyway after a few days weeks of that there was almost no temptation. Well that isn’t entirely true, people would often say to me “did you see those pictures on Facebook” like they knew that would be a particular weakness.  I have realized a few things over this 40 day period though. #1: Facebook is not a total and complete waste of time, there are useful aspects of it and #2 I have almost no desire to log on and just surf around and waste time on it any more.

When I started I thought that by the end I may just cancel my account al together, but it turns out to be a very effective way fo communicating with people sending them messages. and although technology should never replaces actual physical communication sometimes it is nice to send a nice little note to people not to mention communicating more regularly with people who are long distances away.

All in all it was a great experience and accomplishment, I am quite proud of myself for completing for 40 days, and I will defiantly be doing it again next year. I think maybe next year I will try something even a little more challenging.


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