I am a terrible Blogger

So as I sit here and drink my latte I literally had the thought “i suck at blogging” I havent written a post in so long. To be fair I have been extremely busy lately with both my parents and in-laws gone but they will be back soon and then I will have much more time of my own to muse.

Just some thoughts

1)I am considering several projects for my house including but not limited to: shelves in my kitchen, shelves and hooks in the bathroom, a total balcony redo including giving a couch and  a table and chair set a second life. The balcony one might have to be on the sly because my husband thinks that we should ditch them both and get new ones, but I really like the idea of and ambitious project and I will post before and after pictures of all of it.

2)I am trying to get through a list of 100 books in one year. This is proving to be very difficult as I discovered that I will have to read 8 books a month, and some of the books are not one book but a whole series, and I have been on one book since the beginning. To be fair, I have read several of the books while reading the “big one”. “The big one” is Gone with the Wind and I have almost conquered it, I am so so close to being done, and when my sister comes home for a visit we are going to watch the movie together which really really excites me.

3)We are going to Europe in exactly 1 month and I am so so excited not only to see my bestie who I havent seen in 4 months but also to travel Europe with my husband and best friend, and probably 2 of 3 of my favorite people in the world. 🙂 (yes i just used that happy face symbol, that is how excited I am)

that is pretty much all I have to say for right now. If there is anyone reading this i hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my life.


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