I have been taking myself way way too seriously, especially when it comes to what I write on my blog. That is why I have so few posts so far, because I put this pressure on myself that it had to be deep and moving and thought provoking.

But I have found in the past that life is so much more fun when you don’t take yourself so seriously. You know when you see someone who is serious all the time and you think “gee they are kind up tight” yeah? I am so not that person and I never want to be.

Also at the very beginning I said that this was all me…so no more seriousness. Well ok maybe a little serious stuff but only if it comes naturally and sometimes even my serious posts aren’t going to be well thought out and all organized. Sometimes they are just going to be pieces of thoughts that go through my mind that might be worth sharing, because THAT is me.

 Anyway …

 I have recently been incredibly inspired by a blog called “young house love” check it out it is fantastic.

1st – they do DIY home renovations, decorations Etc. Etc., I have always been in love with DIY projects (especially when they turn out the way you thought they would or better) and typically they are way cheaper than first finding then buying the exact thing you are looking for.

2nd – They are making their house a home by making it all “them” they don’t settle for just something that they kind of like they are in love with everything that they do and it speaks about who they are. This is something that I want in my new house.

Our goal for the year 2011 among other things is to buy and move into a house. When we first started talking about this, one of the first things I mentioned was that I wanted a little bit of an older house, because it has more character. Fast forward 3 months, we still aren’t in the position to be buying a house but curiosity got the better of us and “just-for-fun” we went looking at show homes. And wouldn’t you know it they were gorgeous, then we got talking, or rather Jordan got talking and it turns out that the one show home that we particularly fell in love with is for sale and it is for sale fully furnished, now even if we had the money it might be more than I would like to spend on a house but we started fantasising about this house that we “could” buy…fully furnished I believe I even uttered the words “lets buy it fully furnished and get rid of all our crap”. I KNOW, I actually said thatL. But the whole time I had a terrible feeling of internal turmoil. And I just discovered why, it is because the thought of buying a fully furnished house and getting rid of all of our stuff makes me, in a word, sad. The stuff we have isn’t brand new or really nice and it doesn’t all match just right, but it is our stuff and it is stuff that we bought on our budget because we liked it and not because it matches but because it speaks about who We are. And this is why I don’t want a furnished house and I do want to take all of our “crap” and make our new house a home by filling it with stuff that is all Jordan and Mel.

3rd(and finally) – they give some of their things names. I am going to start doing this. This morning we named my “rapidly growing against the odds” tomato plant “The Green Giant” and it will from here on out be referred to as such. J

In conclusion if anyone is reading this I hope you enjoy my new outlook on this blog and I hope you are ready to get to know who Jordan and I are and hear some incredibly random stuff about the 2 of us, our dog Jazzy, our 2 cats, Mypsie and Kevin and our incredibly fun, crazy, and random life in “The House of Barnes”(which is what our home will be affectionately called from now on)



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